Course curriculum

  • 1
    • Introduction
    • Quick Tour Of What Does
    • How To Get Support
  • 2
    How To Set Up Your First Postcard Retargeting Campaign
    • What Is Postcard Retargeting?
    • How to Get Your Postcard Re-Targeting Script from
    • How To Install The Script (kvCORE)
    • How To Install The Script (Kunversion+)
    • Quick Note About Accuracy
    • Creating A Campaign That Sends Your Card(s) Whenever Someone Is Added To Your Retargeting List.
  • 3
    Some Basics To Help You Get Used To Using The System
    • How To Create Message Templates
    • How To Create Image Templates
    • Creating Campaigns In
    • kvCORE How to Navigate Thanks io Postcard Selections
    • K+ How to Navigate Thanks io Postcard Selections
  • 4
    How To Automatically Trigger Cards From K+ & kvCORE
    • Section Intro
    • Step 1 - Link Up To Your Zapier.Com Account
    • kvCORE Trigger Automatic Postcards Via Zapier
    • Kunversion+ Triggering Automatic Cards Via Zapier
  • 5
    Specific Examples & Case Studies
    • How To Design Just Listed Cards For All Your Listings (and Send in 5 minutes or Less)
    • Lead Follow Up Card Example
    • Postcard Retargeting Example
    • How To Build Multi Card Farming Campaigns
    • 5 Minute Seller Lead Generation Campaign
    • Absentee Owner Case Study
    • Postcard Farming with Vanity URL Redirects (and source tracking)