Course curriculum

  • 1

    Intro & Overview

    • How to Complete This Course

    • Course Intro & Overview

    • Where To Get "OPC"

  • 2

    Using kvCORE To Capture Recruiting Leads

    • Building A Landing Page That Captures Recruiting Leads

    • Building A Smart Number Text Capture Code that Generates Recruiting Leads

  • 3

    Driving Traffic To Your OPC Recruiting Offers

    • How To Run A Simple Facebook Ad That Targets Agents

    • Some Other Ways to Get Agent Traffic To Your Recruiting Offers

  • 4

    Bridging (Optional But Recommended)

    • How To Increase Conversions By Showing A "Bridge Video" Before the Promised Content

    • How To Insert The Bridge Page Into Your Recruiting Funnel

    • Examples

  • 5

    How To Follow Up

    • Following Up With Hashtag Triggered Smart Campaigns and Mass Emails / Texts

    • Retargeting

    • Make Sure You Also Take Our Conversion Course

  • 6

    Closing Thoughts

    • Last Video, Watch and You're Done :)