Course curriculum

  • 1
    • Welcome Video
  • 2
    Getting Started
    • Creating Your Facebook "Business Manager" Account
    • How To Create / Copy Your Facebook Pixel Code
    • Kunversion+ -- How To Install Your Facebook Pixel Code
    • kvCORE -- How To Install Your Facebook Pixel Code
    • How To Tell If Your Facebook Pixel Is Installed
  • 3
    Creating Custom Audiences
    • Custom Audiences Introduction
    • Creating Audiences From Uploaded Customer Files
    • Creating Website Visitor Based Custom Audiences
    • Creating Video Engagement Audiences
    • Creating Lead Form Based Audiences
    • Advanced - Lookalike & Value Based Audiences
  • 4
    Creating Your First Ad
    • Intoduction - "Thank You For Visiting My Website" Ad
    • Creating Your Thank You Video With Screencastomatic
    • Ryan's Example Video
    • Shane Campano's Example Video
    • How To Edit & Add Overlays To Your Video
    • How To Create The Ad
  • 5
    Campaign Creation Basics
    • Campaign Creation Basics Section Intro
    • Understanding Different Campaign Types
    • Ad Set Basics
    • Ad Creation Basics
    • 10,000 FT View Of Dashboard Once You Have Multiple Campaigns Running
  • 6
    Specific Campaign Examples (and Tips/Tricks)
    • Examples Section Intro
    • Niche Focused FB Ads Tactics
    • How To Create "Lead Ad" Campaigns and "Zapier" The Leads Into kvCORE or Kunversion+
    • Acreage Offer, No Targeting, Video Slideshow Walk-Thru
    • Buyer Side Ads That Can Get You Seller Leads
    • High End Homes Lead Ad Campaign Example
    • Fixer Upper Lead Ad Example
    • Open House "Engagement" Ad Example
    • Google Draw Maps Tactic For Creating Ad Images
    • How To Run Ads ONLY on Instagram
    • Adding Leads To Different Custom Audiences As They Move Through CRM Statuses
    • How To Create Blurred Videos For Your Ads
    • How To "Split Test" an Ad Set
    • How To Use Existing kvCORE Smart CRM Data To Build "Lookalike" & "Lifetime Value" Audiences
    • Tip - Use "Engagement Ads" + page posts with Text Codes To Generate Real Cell Number Leads
    • The Perfect PPC Funnel? (which ads to run when?)
    • How To Build Audiences and Retarget Landing Page Visitors
  • 7
    Additional Resources
    • Sites Where You Can Find Emoticons & Text Effects For Your Ads