Course curriculum

  1. 01
    • Welcome Video

    • Speeding Up & Slowing Down

    • The Fogg Behavior Model

    • Some Conversion Math

  2. 02
    • Conversion Features Intro Video

    • Configuring kvCORE's Behavioral Automations

    • Configuring Automatic Property Search Alerts

    • Using kvCORE's "Calling" Features To Convert Contacts (Part 1)

    • Prompting Contacts with Mass Texts & Emails

    • Smart Campaigns Overview

    • Converting Contacts By Sending Them To Your kvCORE Blog Posts

    • Using 3rd Party Solutions To Convert Your Leads

  3. 03
    • Section Intro

    • How To Follow Up On Property Boost Leads

    • kvCORE Email Marketing Webinar

    • "Power Scripts" For Real Estate Lead Follow Up

    • Webinar: Using Bridge Pages To Convert More Real Estate Leads Into Conversations & Closings

    • Video Conversion Tactics Webinar

    • How To Follow Up On Facebook Lead Form Ads

    • Pay Per Click Lead Follow Up Webinar

    • How To Use Webhooks To Make kvCORE Talk To 3rd Party Applications

    • Converting Leads With Follow Up Postcards In the Mail (Webinar)