Course curriculum

  • 1
    Setting Up kvCORE
    • How to Complete This Course
    • Welcome to kvCORE!
    • Why is Completing Your Profile Important?
    • Using the Main Dashboard Successfully
    • kvCORE Apps for ‘On-the-Go’ Agents
    • Test Your Knowledge on the Basics
    • Section 1 Action Items
    • Top 10 Tips for kvCORE
    • Join Our Interactive Webinar!
  • 2
    Managing Your Contacts and Automation
    • What Are Deal Types, Statuses, Hashtags, and Sources?
    • Understanding kvCORE’s Behavioral Automation
    • What Are Search Alerts, Market Reports, and Seller Reports?
    • Leveraging Smart Campaigns for Your Business
    • Test Your Knowledge kvCORE’s Automation
    • Understanding Contact Records and the Client Journey
    • Section 2 Action Items
    • Join Our Interactive Webinar!
  • 3
    Getting Familiar with Your Website and Listings
    • Where’s Your Website and How Do Visitors Use It?
    • Understanding Your Website Settings
    • How to Manage Your Listings Inside kvCORE
    • ‘Promote a Listing’ Playbook Overview
    • Test Your Knowledge on Your Website and Listings
    • Section 3 Action Items
    • Join Our Interactive Webinar!
  • 4
    Fueling Your Pipeline
    • Let’s Get Your Existing Contacts Into kvCORE!
    • How to Integrate Your Existing Lead Generation
    • Marketing Tools for Lead Generation
    • What “Done for You” Advertising Does kvCORE Offer?
    • Bonus Webinar About kvCORE Traffic & Lead Sources
    • Track Your Success in Business Analytics
    • Test Your Knowledge on Your Pipeline
    • Section 4 Action Items
    • Join Our Interactive Webinar!
  • 5
    Course Conclusion
    • Closing Remarks
    • Send Us Your Feedback! (Please & Thank You!)