Course curriculum

  • 1
    Configuring Your kvCORE Account
    • How to Complete This Course
    • Welcome to kvCORE!
    • What to Expect: Onboarding Process Overview
    • What Are User Roles, Entities, and Scope Levels in kvCORE?
    • Introduction to Lead Duplication and Lead Privacy
    • Test Your Knowledge on the Basics
    • Managing Your Agents, Lenders, Teams, and Offices
    • How to Set Up Lead Routing Rules
    • Test Your Knowledge on Entity Management
  • 2
    Getting Familiar with kvCORE
    • Smart CRM Overview and Introduction to Ponds
    • Why Are Smart Campaigns Integral to Success?
    • Understanding kvCORE’s Automation
    • Where Is Your kvCORE Website and How Do Visitors Use It?
    • Test Your Knowledge on kvCORE’s Tools
    • How to Integrate Your Existing Lead Generation
    • Leverage kvCORE’s Landing Pages for Recruiting
    • What “Done for You” Advertising Does kvCORE Offer?
    • Test Your Knowledge on Lead Generation
  • 3
    Selecting Your Agent Adoption Strategies
    • Why Is It Important to Plan for Your Agents’ Adoption of kvCORE?
    • Supporting and Championing kvCORE Internally!
    • Using Your Dashboard as an Admin
    • Tracking Agents’ Success in Business Analytics
    • Test Your Knowledge on Adoption Strategies
    • Closing Remarks & Next Steps